Service Learning

Service learning enhances student connections to community.

At Colrain Central School, we take pride in our students' work with the community. Our service-learning program helps students to connect the concepts they learn in the classroom to concrete, real-world, community-based problems. It provides students with an opportunity to take ownership, identify problems, and work with community partners to help provide solutions. Our students become the problem-solvers.

Service learning can take shape in a variety of ways in the classroom, although student voice and academic integrity are always central. As a result, teachers learn alongside students as they identify local needs and work together on solutions. Our teachers regularly participate in professional learning opportunities with a service-learning focus. 

We're always looking for community partners! Do you have a problem or project you would like our students to checkout? Want to learn more about our service-learning program? Contact our Service Learning Coordinator Talia Miller by email or at (413) 624-3451, ext. 220.