Our School

Colrain Central School is a service learning school with a special emphasis on environmental science. Service learning is a form of project-based learning, in which we accomplish academic and social goals through community service and working with real partners to solve real problems. By design, it develops citizenship and good character and provides a rich context for academic instruction and student learning. 

Statement of Philosophy

At Colrain Central, we take care of ourselves, each other, our school, and the world around us. Everything we do is tied to these ideals.

Our Mission

The mission of CCS is to provide students with a rigorous, creative, and safe educational environment that partners with the rural community-from farm to wilderness-in which we live. Through collaboration and problem solving, students will learn to take care of themselves, each other, their school, and the world around them. 

Our Vision

Colrain Central School is a rural, service-learning community that nurtures students as problem-solvers and caring, contributing citizens.

Core Principals of Service Learning

  • Learning has a real-world application.
  • Set of partnerships between school and other community resources.
  • Social/Emotional needs are embedded and planned for (skills, trauma-sensitive teaching practices, etc).
  • Routines for self-care/care of others (for both students and staff) are scheduled into the day.
  • Learning should be exciting and engaging. Students are learning by exploring hands-on, active learning.
  • Projects should reach all learners and include everyone. They are the curriculum, not an add-on.
  • Strong family connections and engagement.
  • Teachers bring their personal passions to their classrooms.

Our Goals

  • The students’ learning environment will be a safe, respectful, and healthy one in which students can thrive and be successful.
  • The school and district will offer students a broad range of learning opportunities including English language arts, mathematics, science and technology, history and social sciences, related arts, athletics, and citizenship skills.
  • Students will be taught by highly qualified staff as defined by NCLB and district standards. The school/district will hire and develop staff who exhibit great enthusiasm for their particular subject area(s) and inspire student learning through excellent teaching practices.
  • Students will meet state and district learning standards based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the district curriculum.
  • The school/district will maintain a culture that promotes communication, collaboration, and cooperation among students, staff, parents, and the wider community.